Kitschy Coo is a VAT-registered business (reg number 111 3091 74).

For customers from the UK and EU, certain products will include a VAT element which will be outlined in the product listing. This does not constitute a VAT invoice.

Products that DO NOT incur VAT (ie zero-rated):
Children's clothing
Paper sewing patterns

Products that DO incur VAT (standard 20%)
Accessories such as gadget cases
Digital sewing patterns

For customers outside of the EU, the VAT element of the price (if applicable) will be refunded by Kitschy Coo after posting your package. In the event that the automatic postage rules undercharged your order's actual /i> postage costs by more than one GBP, the difference will be taken from the VAT-recoverable figure before the balance is refunded through Paypal.